Barrow Hill Anti Aircraft Battery 1941 - 1945


The searchlight battery at Fretherne is a "Killer" type, recorded in a location statement of No.349 CL08 A4 Searchlight Battery (37 Searchlight Regiment) on 14 October 1941 (Military Grid Reference 92/24134). 

Typical 1941 HAA Anti aircraft Gun.

The site of a Second World War searchlight battery no. 349 CL08 A4 is visible as earthworks on aerial photographs to the northwest of Fretherne, overlooking the River Severn.

It was manned by 37 Searchlight Regiment. The battery was operational by October 1941 until 1945. Searchlight sites typically comprised a small ring-ditch to provide the crew with shelter during an air raid, a predictor emplacement for calculating the height and range of targets, a light anti-aircraft machine gun pit, a generator and hutted accommodation for the crew

By late 1941 the training regiments were turning out a regular stream of Mixed HAA batteries, which AA Command formed into regiments to take the place of the all-male units being sent to overseas theatres of war. One such new unit was 143rd (Mixed) HAA Regiment. Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) was formed on 19 January 1942 at Quedgeley Court near Gloucester.