To appreciate the trade:

  1833    Stroud Gasworks Built 

​  1858    Taken over by Stroud Gas Light and Coke Company

  1861    "Reliance ". Built Cainscross ON. 43667 Code: TPWC

​  1864     Gasworks Expanded

  1872    James Herbert becomes master of  barge "Ready Penny"

  1876    James Herbert becomes master of "Reliance"

  1885    Midland Railway built to Stroud

  1886    Coal Tip opened at Sharpness

​  1891    James Herbert purchases Wooden barge "John"

​  1893    James Herbert purchases Wooden barge "Volunteer"

  1897    "Volunteer" sold

  1897    Benjamin Herbert takes command of "Reliance"

​  1898    "John"  foundered in Bristol Channel

  1903     James Herbert purchases "Victory"

  1915    James Herbert becomes owner of Wooden Barge "William"

  1918    "William" sold.

  1920    Mrs Florence Herbert owns "Ada"

  1921    James Herbert becomes owner of "Reliance"

  1923    James Herbert purchases Ketch "Marian"

  1924     Rail siding installed by Gas Company

  1930    James purchases Bridgewater Ketch "Champion"

  1939    "Champion" broken up

  1954     Stroudwater Navigation abandoned

  1956     Gasworks Closes

  1966     Rail link removed


Reliance, Newtown Lock, Stroudwater Navigation

F.W.Rowbotham Collection


Herbert Family Shipping

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Dedicated to the Herbert Family with Love

In 1876 James Herbert became master of Reliance which was owned by Stroud Gas light and Coke Company.  Over the next 20 years the vessel carried coal from Newport to Stroud, often achieving 40 trips a year.