For my Birthday in 1994 my neighbour at Priding, Mrs. Norah Leach gave me a book of Apple Poems specifically because she had written one of the poems.

Me and the Ashmead Kernal in our Garden.

I like apples and apples like me
Apples are English and grow on our tree
The tree in our garden is lovely to see
In Spring all the blossom is free for the bee

Mother bakes tarts, Mother bakes pies
Dear Mother so kind and so wise
Father looks further his cider to brew
His friends will surround him, Does this mean you?

Small boys out of school gather apples galore
They love them and eat them right down to the core
Nature loves apples and grows them for all
Horses, cows, rabbits and hares from over the wall
Oh, English Apple how important to all…..Even Me.

Norah Leach

Mrs.Norah Leach

Me and the Ashmead Kernal in our Garden.