Data from our Davis Vantage Vue is sent to Weather Underground and may be viewed here


​Data fron a Ventus W830 (which looks a lot like fine offset)  is sent to Weathercloud and may be viewed here


We are currently trialing two new rain gauges to see how they compare with our manual Remix

The first is by Misol and looks a lot like fine offset

the second is by Ecowitt and looks a lot like fine offset

My records of recorded rainfall at Woodend since 2004 may be found here

Our Netatmo weather equipment may also be viewed on the Netatmo Weathermap site as Cinderford "the Ruffitt"

You may find the Netatmo Map Here

Woodend Weather

1941 pattern searchlight

Location: UK  51.8264 N,   2.4876 W 810ft ASL (247m)